The Best Green Web Hosting Services Of 2017

Best Green Web HostingThe internet hosting that uses different green technologies so as to reduce their impacts on the environment is known as eco-friendly hosting or green web-hosting. Green hosting comprises planting grass, trees and plants in and around the Data centers, powering the data center with renewable sources of energy, carbon offsetting, and use of appliances that save energy along with performing more activities that conserve energy.

Green marketing is very well utilized in green hosting. It is done to attract the green consumers, keeping in mind the concern that these people have for the environment. Initially, this technology was being adopted at a very slow rate. This was because the customers were not aware about the various impacts of web hosting. Even the companies used to provide these green services at a premium cost.

However, in the present day world, a lot of change has taken place in the market. Companies have started to provide green services at little or almost no extra cost. The awareness of consumers has also increased. According to a recent research, around 60 per cent people were attracted to online shops if it uses green energy. According to 70 per cent of the people, a website can use a green hosting provider so as to put forward a green image to its customers.

What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is a domain name registrar and a web-hosting provider that is based in Los Angeles. It is a business of cloud computing and web hosting that is owned by New Dream Network, LLC. It began hosting the sites of its customers in 1997. InkTank was spun off by DreamHost in May, 2012. The shared, dedicated and VPS hosting network of DreamHost consists of nginx, Apache and lighttpd web servers that run on the Ubuntu operating system.

Various kinds of computing services and cloud storage is also provided by DreamHost. These services can be used by developers and entrepreneurs. The staff of DreamHost contributes to an official blog. The DreamCompute of DreamHost is a cloud computing service for the public. It is used to provide developers and entrepreneurs various computer resources.

What are the various features provided by ipage?

Various kinds of tools are provided by Ipage so that customers can create the online presence that they always wanted. Whenever a customer creates an account, he is provided with a weebly website builder and that too free of cost. The user also gets many templates that are mobile-friendly as well. The user also gets and option to create a website, an online store or a blog. Along with this, FTP can also be used to upload various files.

What is A2Hosting and what are its advantages?

Though A2Hosting might not be as famous on the internet, yet they claim to increase the speeds upto 20X faster. They have data centers present in Asia, Europe and the US. It is a fast host that has a very good uptime. It provides a 99.98% uptime over a period of 12 months. It is the fastest shared hosting provider. It is also compatible with various kinds of content management systems. It also performs HackScans so as to keep the website safe.

GreenGeeks is another hosting service that is eco-friendly. This company is currently hosting more than 100000 websites. GreenGeeks is 300% eco-friendly. This means that for every unit of power that the company will consume, the company will purchase three times of the power (in other words 300%). This purchased energy is wind powered energy. After purchasing, this energy is sent back to offset the carbon footprint of the company.

Web Hosting Hub is a web hosting service that is decent and within the budget. It is the best option for first-timers or those people who are writing a blog or creating a website. The web hosting hub is a good option for sites that will be working on shared hosting. It is a reliable host and provides its users with unlimited bandwidth and storage. It also offers website transfers that have zero down time.

Hostgator is another option that can help people to start their own websites. Hostgator provides its users with a huge variety of tools than can help the person to take his business online and that too very easily. Many templates as well as building tools are also provided to help the users to launch a website. They also invest in wind energy and believe in green web hosting. Hence they are climate-friendly.

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