Best Linux Web Hosting : Top Trusted Providers in 2016

Best Linux Web HostingThere is a reason why Linux web hosting services are extremely popular with website owners. After all, this type of hosting solution offers them reliable, fast, and extremely secure operating system. To go along with the exciting existing features, a newly added feature, McAfee SaaS (previously known as MX Logic), an incredible software that offers guaranteed security for your website against all kinds of threats related to viruses and spam.

For close to two decades now, Linux has been providing one of the best and reliable defenses for websites across the world that would otherwise destroy precious software and hardware. The development of McAfee SaaS is in line with this commitment of the company towards providing its customers with reliable and secure hosting services. Furthermore, the company has made it possible for customers to make use of all the latest tools and expert customer support services to help improve the efficiency of your website and make it more competitive than before.

We have lined up some of the best Linux web hosting services that are available today. Make sure you select one of them for your website needs.

1. InMotion Hosting

If you’re looking for a solid Linux web hosting option then look no further than InMotion Hosting. This is because the provider has lined up some of the best security and hosting features lined up even for its basic plan.

InMotion is great for you if you’re hosting your website for the first time or looking to transfer your domain from another provider. Furthermore, the company is trustworthy in that it delivers on what it promises to its customers. Also, it doesn’t charge you more for getting more features on board which isn’t the case with other web hosts.

When you look at the hosting packages of InMotion Hosting, there are three choices before you under shared hosting plans – Launch, Power, and Pro. Each of these packages varies depending on the disk space, bandwidth, and security they have to offer. In accordance with that, the price varies too!

The confidence InMotion Hosting has on its products is easy to understand given that it has the longest money-back guarantee time frame of 3 months. The only thing that might not be refunded back to you is $15, the initial cost of your domain!

InMotion Hosting is also reliable and excellent when it comes to customer support as it offers these services to you in an unrestricted way via live chat, e-mail, and 24/7 phone. Other useful resources available to you include user forums, video tutorials, a knowledgebase, and FAQs.

2. Bluehost

When you select Bluehost as your web host, what you get is more than your money’s worth. Even the basic plan of Bluehost has a lot to offer to you. It is, therefore, not surprising that Bluehost can be your ideal web hosting partner. Overall, Bluehost has same features and packages on offer to you as other top web hosts but there are small variations with regards to usability and support features.

When you get started with Bluehost, you get an introductory e-mail that will contain all information and links that you need to start building your website. You’ll also stand to receive a free domain name for a period of one year. If you already have a domain name registered with another web host then you can have that transferred to this host, free of cost.

Bluehost has an intuitive and clean interface wherein you can quickly log into your apps manager and have the WordPress downloaded without any difficulty. With the ability to choose multiple website builders at your disposal with Bluehost, you can choose a template of your liking for the website.

The security features on offer through Bluehost are useful and efficient. Most of these features can be easily located and implement without anybody’s assistance. For example, there’s a separate button for the anti-spam filter on the cPanel. A bit of research may be required to identify other security features, though.

3. A2 Hosting

Formerly known as Iniquinet, A2 Hosting is a popular Linux web hosting service provider that we have today. Besides managed WordPress hosting solutions, A2 Hosting has many hosting options in place for you and this is what differentiates it from the pack. Another remarkable feature of A2 Hosting is its ability to transfer your site for free on its servers and back them up automatically. Once the backup is achieved, you can restore either a single file or the entire website anytime.

There’re adequate customer support services you’ll get in choosing A2 Hosting. This is because they’re available to you 24/7 365 days a year. Furthermore, you’ll get to select the server of your choice or the one that is located close to your readers in Singapore, Amsterdam, or Michigan.

A2 Hosting also offers SSDs or solid-state drives which mean your website will get sufficient storage space in case it needs to expand in future. Also, what is even more remarkable is that these SSDs are configured on RAID-10 which means your website data will be written and stored on two separate disks. This arrangement will help improve redundancy and better your website’s performance considerably.

The A2 Optimized plugin that the web host provides ensures your blog is fast and assures you of 99.9% uptime. In the case of any downtime, the company will compensate you accordingly. Another usefulness of A2 Optimized plugin is that it actively works to ensure that your website doesn’t get hacked.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is a friendly web hosting provider whom you would love to employ for supporting your website. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and free setup on offer through this provider, it is easy to choose SiteGround over other providers. But this is not all SiteGround has to offer. The intuitive WordPress installation services mean you’re able to transfer your blog to theirs without any hassle and quickly. What is even more remarkable with SiteGround is that it offers 24-hour customer support and that it has a 30-day money back guarantee policy in place.

The StartUp package of SiteGround allows only a single website. However, if you want to host many websites then you need to opt for a higher-tiered plan. Remember, if your website is fairly simple and you don’t have any intention of populating it with data in the near future then the basic package of SiteGround that offers 10 GB of storage space will suffice. On the other hand, if you feel that your website will have to support lots of video files or photographs, then you’ll be better off in looking at expensive hosting packages of SiteGround.

Almost all web hosting packages of SiteGround offer you daily backups free of cost. This is an essential feature to have as a copy of your website will always be stored and be available for download just in case your website malfunctions all of a sudden. But remember, the backup of your website occurs on the server alone. So, in case the server gets crashed, there’s a possibility of losing all the data on your website! So, it is better to have a backup of your website on your computer itself!

5. Interserver

If you’re a new website owner then you should consider Interserver for your hosting needs as it is packed with lots of features. The Shared Linux web hosting plan offers you lots of choices and is easily one of the best options there is for you. Besides giving you unlimited domains and subdomains, Interserver has MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, disk space, and parked domains on offer to you. Then there’s the guarantee of 99.9% uptime by the service provider that can make a real difference for your website.

The customer support features of Interserver too are good and adequate. Expect their friendly and experienced customer support staff to address your queries quickly and in an amicable way. Besides the live chat, there’s a 24/7 phone support for anyone needing it. On an average, the waiting time is less than 4 minutes which is fairly acceptable in the modern times. Though there aren’t any video tutorials on offer, the questions and answers under the FAQs section coupled with a dynamic community forum adequately compensate for it.

The security features of Interserver are fairly basic and should suffice for common domain owners. It may not have daily backups or daily virus scan as you would expect with other web hosts but what it has is automatic weekly backups.

 Best Linux Web Hosting: Top Trusted Providers in 2016
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 Best Linux Web Hosting: Top Trusted Providers in 2016
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