6 Best Web Hosting and Domain for Small Business

best web hosting for small business

Are you running a small business? Is your business finding it difficult to attract new customers? Then it is time to your business have a simple but beautiful website of its own. These days, companies, both small and big, that doesn’t have a website often end up struggling to find new customers. Being a connected world that we are all living in at the moment, it is the online world that customers search to find their favorite services and products. Therefore, if your small business doesn’t have a presence there then chances are that you’ll struggle. The only savior for your business can be the best web hosting and domain for small business. How?

For small businesses that are looking to get their websites done, there is some good news. There are hundreds of web hosting companies fighting a tight battle to catch your attention and your business. While big businesses may opt for the services of popular web hosts and eager to spend thousands of dollars to get their VPS hosting or dedicated hosting services, small businesses need to focus on getting simple things done in a right way whilst focusing on their time and budget. This is where small businesses can rely on a host of web hosts that may not be too expensive but can do the best job possible for you.

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Let us now look at some of the best we hosting and domain for small business there is today:

1. A2 Hosting

For small businesses that are looking for choices in the web hosting plans that could suit their website needs, A2 Hosting provides a serious option. A2 Hosting is also excellent for developers and web designers who expect greater control over servers. As most small businesses rely a lot on WordPress for their hosting needs, the good news for them is that A2 Hosting gives them that option with it already optimized for their needs. Therefore, if you’re a small business looking up to WordPress for supporting your website, then it is highly recommended that you try out A2 Hosting’s optimized plan as it can work amazingly well for you.

Take any A2 Hosting web hosting plan and you’ll notice that they have lined up a host of interesting and useful features with different levels of performances. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners prefer to start out with A2 Hosting’s shared plan before graduating to VPS plan after seeing substantial growth in their business. So, whatever requirements you have, A2 Hosting has hosting services that will cater to your needs.

Small businesses that are particularly looking for high-speed hosting need to watch out for shared hosting plans of this provider. If your business is new, then Lite plan is ideal for you as it has all the basic features ready for you. And for customers that are only looking for Drupal or WordPress site, A2 Hosting has Swift plan designed exclusively for their needs. For as little as $3 a month, users can easily maintain their sites even during traffic spikes.

Once your website is set up, it is easy to manage it with A2 Hosting. Whatever services or features you may need, the built-in Account Management Panel or AMP will let you access them easily. Also, while the main data center of the hosting services provider is based in Michigan, to serve the customers all across the US, the other 2 data centers are located in Singapore (Asia) and Amsterdam (Europe). Each of the data centers is SSAE16 certified and redundant.

2. SiteGround

When you have finally decided to take your small business online and venturing out to look for a perfect web hosting service provider, the sheer list of possibilities could intimidate you. SiteGround, however, can help you in more than one way – with its shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting packages. To go along with all this, you also have managed WordPress plans to help your small business take off in the online world without a fuss.

No doubt, you may find better or equally good web hosting service providers today, but SiteGround is really accommodating. If you have modest website needs that are more likely to remain that way, then SiteGround can help you a lot.

Founded in 2004, in Bulgaria, SiteGround caters to the hosting markets across the globe and have positioned themselves such that makes it easy for them to provide well-crafted and high-quality hosting solutions consistently.

SiteGround does make a lot of promises when it comes to providing top-class website speeds, ad true to their promise, the speeds customers stand to receive are quite remarkable. So, if you’re a small business owner looking to have a website created and that is fast, SiteGround can be your ideal choice.

3. InMotion Hosting

If you’re looking for high-performance web host then look no further than InMotion Hosting. Founded by professionals that have extensive experience in the hosting world, InMotion has made rapid progress in the offering quality web hosting services in a short span that it is now among the most recommended web hosting providers for both small and big businesses.

With InMotion Hosting small businesses can easily expect their websites to load quickly, sometimes even up to 6 times the average speed of most other web hosts. In addition to the quality of hosting services they provide, InMotion’s customer support is among the best you can get in the hosting world. It is, therefore, little surprising that InMotion is highly recommended for those websites that use Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress.

The ‘ease of use’ of the control panel is another useful attribute you cannot ignore with InMotion Hosting. As is with other web hosting providers, you’ll be taken to the AMP as soon as you log in. This is where you can manage all the features like contact info & billing, upgrade and downgrade features, purchase add-ons, read tutorials, contact tech support, etc. Overall, the control panel of InMotion Hosting looks well organized and efficient. Both big and small business should not have any problem using this hosting provider’s services.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most awarded and recognized web hosting providers in the world today that makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of businesses to partner with it to support their websites. Most developers and web designers that are entrusted with the job of developing websites for small businesses prefer the hosting services of Bluehost as their dedication to open source is quite incredible. And for those business websites that are entirely based on WordPress, Bluehost is an ideal choice as the web host is recommended by WordPress itself!

Choosing Bluehost over other hosting providers is easy as you can expect high performance and reliable web hosting spread across different service packages. Also, the hosting services of Bluehost are secured through SSL certificates to ensure the data leakages do not occur and that the interests of the businesses are safeguarded at all times. Another interesting attribute of Bluehost is the variety of add-ons it has on offer like Google Apps for Work, SiteLock, Spam Experts, dedicated IPs, and Site Optimization services, etc. Customer support services are available to customers via e-mail, live chat, and phone.

One of the major benefits of choosing Bluehost as your web hosting partner is that it allows you to pick from a wide range of hosting plans, including shared, cloud, dedicated, and VPS hosting plans. Also, it is not just the web hosting services that Bluehost provides, a wide range of useful professional services are available through Bluehost that small businesses can use to improve their business online. Also, small businesses can expect Bluehost’s support team to work 1-on-1 with them in improving their SEO, marketing, and security features for their online businesses. Another good thing with Bluehost is that they have so many products and tools on offer to help meet your other online objectives like spam protection, backup services, and others.

5. WP Engine

Small businesses that use WordPress for their websites should keep an eye on WP Engine. This is because the uptime, load time, scalability, and security this web host provides are really outstanding. Yes, the price of the hosting packages may seem a bit on the higher side, but the quality of services and features on offer makes up for it comfortably. And if you are aware of how WordPress works and all features it has on offer, then you’ll surely acknowledge the goodness of the proprietary platform of WP Engine.

The location of 3 datacenters of WP Engine – in US, Japan, and the UK means your server is never far away from your customers. It also means that your dynamic content will get loaded quickly than usual. Also, totally different from any other web host, WP Engine doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to data transfer. What this means is that if you have large files, videos, or images, they’ll get served up quickly. A special mention of WP Engine’s top-of-the-line hardware also needs to be mentioned here. As the hardware is constantly getting upgraded you can expect WP Engine to deliver quality service, one after another.

Security is one of the paramount features that need to be looked into by businesses of all kinds. With WP Engine, however, you can stay calm knowing that this aspect is covered for you adequately 24/7. Also, remember, WP experts are also experts in WordPress. Therefore, if your website is based on WordPress, you can be sure that typical attacks carried out on various websites time and again will be addressed quickly and in an efficient manner by these experts. Furthermore, the team of experts will also automatically scan for malware that could have accidentally crept into your website. The web host provider also gives you the guarantee that, if your website is hacked by someone, then it will be fixed free of cost.

Most small businesses find it difficult to comprehend the interface provided by web hosts and therefore, fail to get the best out of the features presented to them. However, with WP Engine, you’ll not face issues like these ever. This is because WP Engine’s interface is pretty straightforward, simple to navigate, fast, and responsive. Even when it comes to pricing, WP Engine is quite competitive. Agreed, at the first glance, their basic hosting package that comes with a price tag of $29 per month may seem a bit on the expensive side, but in reality, it is priced right given the features and usefulness it has in store for you.

6. InterServer

Packed with lots of web hosting features, InterServer’s services should appeal to any small business owner. Besides the Standard plan that is on offer, the web host has specific hosting plans for WordPress as well as Windows. For small businesses that are confused with different hosting plans, the shared Standard plan of InterServer offers unlimited parked domains, unlimited domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases, and others. All these features make InterServer a major contender for any small business wishing to have a website.

The security features of InterServer are pretty good with their automatic weekly updates being one of the best you can expect from any web host. The customer support of InterServer too is quick, efficient, and reliable. For any query you may have, just come online and have an online chat with one of their representatives. You should have your problems addressed in a matter of minutes. The 24/7 phone support too is equally impressive with the customers being attended to fairly quickly. Though InterServer doesn’t offer video tutorials as such, all the questions you may have would have been dealt with in the FAQ section or its community forum.

All in all, InterServer offers a solid web hosting services for all kinds of website owners. It is particularly a good option for small business owners who are keen to scale up their business in the online world with the help of a stable and quick website. This web host is, therefore, worth a try.

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