The Best Web Hosting And Domain Registration Providers Of 2016

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While installing your initial website, it’s not rare to get puzzled between domain name registration and web hosting.

Your domain name is the name of your site and can be bought by going to a domain name registration. Domain names typically vary from about $10 to $50/year based on the extension.

In order for your website to be viewed on the internet, the files should be uploaded to a server. These can be hosted at a hosting firm. Hosting is typically billed monthly or yearly at a rate of $10 to $50/month based on how the sort of server you require and how much room and bandwidth you are employing.

The web hosting and domain name registration can be evaluated to how the telephone organization is employed by the people. One major component why we have Internet link is the telephone. Phone lines are fairly depending on some electronically measures.

You are making utilization of the web hosting and domain name registration while you are affectionate of surfing the web. The precise transporter that you are employing allocates a particular number which is wholly for you merely while you order a telephone line or service.

It’s the similar for the computers, which has a series of numbers, which is larger than the telephone numbers. The numbers allocated to you while you apply for a web hosting and domain name registration is recognized as the IP address and these are made exclusive to your computer.

IP address is recognized as the Internet Protocol Address. The DNS have permitted it to be substituted with names that are distinguishing because memorization of these numbers can be fairly a hard work. For a flourishing web hosting and domain name registration needs no copy and should be inimitable. You should consider of it correctly and shrewdly.


Bluehost begins its shared hosting tactics at $4.95/mo, andfor your money you acquire limitless bandwidth, infinite disk space, limitless file transmit, limitless email, a free domain registration, and further. Still their fundamental plans recommend limitless hosted domains.


a2hosting is a class web host that recommends high speed web hosting for small and average size businesses along with eCommerce sites. It is located to be one of the best and maximum performing web hosts out there still outperforming numerous of the superior, more admired ones. A2Hosting is one of the top preferred because of their pace, tech support, and range of hosting plans.


Siteground offer turn around shared, VPS, devoted Web hosting. All these packages are made obtainable from its collection of servers that are wholly Linux-based. Its services furthermore expand to e-commerce resolution, for patrons who look for additional aid in installing their online shops. In adding up to shared hosting, the firm recommends 3 VPS hosting tactics and 4 controlled devoted server plans.


Inmmotionhosting is one of the major self-governing web hosting firms in the globe. They’ve been approximately since 2001, and have attempted to build up a product around being the nerd’s selection that businesses furthermore love.

They’ve furthermore located themselves as the one of the few big, secure hosting firms that is not possessed by Endurance International, an investment company for several renowned hosting brands.


WPEngine is considered to be one of harass free hosting recommends quick and healthy servers that can manage everything. Your website is almost hacker resistant, and their astonishing buyer service formulates you sense like king. They suggest routine safety updates, every day backups, one-click reinstate points, routine caching, top-tier safety, one-click enactment region, and more. WPEngine is similar to having an army of WordPress specialists on your side for help.


While it comes to the industry of domain possession and hosting, GoDaddy is the monster in the space. It surely has the product recognition down. The query is, does its services formulate it one of the preeminent web hosting alternative? This web host has the advantage of being one of the primary sites you visit while you are considering URL names.


Hostgator rolls out the red carpet for its latest patrons with limitless bandwidth, infinite disk space, tons of simple to set up site templates, and an uptime assurance, all opening at $3.96/mo for their most reasonable tactics.

Websites are an essential medium of communication in today’s world. You can showcase your products, sell them, connect to people living far away, advertise throughout the globe and expand your customer base. An interesting website combined with an efficient marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Once you have finalized the design for your website, you have to make it accessible to people. This consists of two procedures, namely web hosting and domain registration.

Web hosting refers to a kind of internet/online hosting service that allows the internet audience to access to your website via the World Wide Web. The firms that provide web hosting services are known as web hosts. The range of hosting services that you require depends upon your website. For personal webpages, single file hosting is sufficient whereas large companies require database support, web servers, platforms to develop web applications, management of multiple modules etc.


Some web hosting services are briefly described below:

Shared Web Hosting: Multiple websites are connected to a single server. Software updates cannot be carried out by the user.

Virtual Dedicated Server: A virtual server that is hosted on a system serving multiple websites. Maintenance and patching of servers is carried out by the owners.

Dedicated Hosting Service: A web server is provided to the user. Although the server is not owned by the user, he is provided complete access to the operating system.

Colocation Web Hosting: The service is quite similar to Dedicated Web Hosting, the only difference being that the user owns the colocation server.

There are some web hosting services that are designed for specific purposes. Blog hosting service, image hosting service, file hosting service, e-mail hosting service and video hosting service are some examples. Certain web hosts like a2hosting also offer cloud hosting service which is faster and reliable. Data is stored in remote servers and can be accessed via the internet. However, there are privacy concerns regarding cloud computing as data is easily accessible.

The next step in making your website accessible to the online audience is domain registration. Domain registration refers to obtaining a domain name from a database of domain names via the domain name registrar. Once you have acquired a domain name, only you have the legal right to modify or make changes to that particular domain. The registration involves various processes like designating an administrative contact, technical contact, billing contact and name servers. The registrars and registries charge an annual fee for allotting a domain name. Domain registration grants the user exclusive rights to use the particular domain name. Various websites like godaddy, offer exclusive domain registration services.

Some of the most sought after web hosting firms and the services provided by them are briefly described below:

Best Web Hosting And Domain RegistrationBluehost offers a wide range of web hosting services. The services provided by bluehost include linux hosting, windows hosting, wordpress hosting, windows/linux reseller hosting etc. Bluehost provides specially designed domain registration packages at affordable prices. For example, the Business package created by Bluehost allows you to register 3 domain names. The package also provides unlimited disk space, e-mail accounts, data transfer with the help of high performance servers.

With multiple data centers and high speed servers siteground offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and reseller hosting. Siteground has created three web hosting service packages, namely StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. While the StartUp package is designed for websites that are new or small in size, the GrowBig package is for websites with a large volume of traffic.

Inmotion hosting offers business, reseller, VPS and WordPress hosting, dedicated servers etc. Additional domains can be purchased through the firm’s Account Management Panel. In addition to web hosting services, inmotionhosting also offer web designing services. The firm also offers a wide range of web hosting tools for account management, web development, e-commerce websites, educational websites and CMS software.

WP engine is one of those firms that provide WordPress hosting services exclusively. Be it a blog or professional webpage, wpengine has a plan to fulfill your requirements. The Personal package is perfect for small websites. On the other hand the Professional and Business package is for people looking to expand their business and handle increased volume of traffic. The Enterprise Grade package and Premium package are some of the most sought after WordPress hosting plans.

Some firms like hostgator offer Windows hosting services as well. Windows hosting allows you to make interactive websites using ASP. Net and a wide range of web development tools like Plesk Control Panel. This service also includes free domain transfer, unlimited sub-domains and FTP accounts. HostGator also provides an application hosting service that enables you develop powerful web applications.

If you are venturing out for a website to be framed for your business, the process shall be easier for you if you get to know the basic differences between domain name and web hosting. The main difference between the two is that a website concerns with files. The files such as index.php, images, index.html, .css files and so on can be mentioned in this context. The process of web hosting may also contain databases in different cases. If you want to make a website for your business promotion, you should consider making it easily accessible on the internet all day throughout the year. This shall ensure that your website is viewed by people easily. Web hosting is in reality a certain series of services, which involve the distribution of web pages by web servers along with conducting e-mails for the certain domain name.

On the other hand, the process that is concerned with domain registration is basically dealt with the right to make use of as well as control a domain name. Do not confuse it with the services and content that are related to the domain. The process that is concerned with the registration is not at all a complex one.

There are a number of companies in the market, which would be glad to help you in your venture to set up a standard website. One of such web companies is Bluehost. One of the largest operating web hosting companies, the company is known to host domains that accumulate up to almost over 1.9 million along with its sister concerns. In the year 2009, the company had come up with a fresh feature named CPU throttling, which is concerned with the method of lessening the CPU usage by a user. This helps in reduction of pressure on the system, in times when the user makes use of innumerable CPU resources.

To overcome from the problem of sluggish website, the definite sight can be coupled with the feature of A2Hosting accelerator. It is reliable and helps to get high performance than the previous mentioned hosting. It can cater high speed page loading capacity minimal up to 20 times faster compare to others. The success of your e-commerce application depends on the performance and speed of host packages that need to be managed by relevant servers and VPS plans. The familiar cPanel control is unique in this domain, which are by default installed in the account of shared web-hosting.

In the sphere of web hosting, another promising service provider’s name is siteground. All available products of this web hosting leader are suitable for various shaped web space ranges from 10 GB to 30 GB maximum. It includes all essential and premium features while some of the products are suitable for single websites and other are for multiple websites. The capacity of customers’ visit is variable and can be controlled by the installation of this product.

In the path of searching for a particular web hosting management that will provide you the maximum outgrow by your professional or personal website, inmotionhosting can become the exact name of solution. This hosting service is dedicated to achieve the optimal performance from customer point of view in the sector of e-commerce and virtual private server (VPS) as well.

To avail best web hosting service, you may find several easy solutions in the market. However, you need to select the suitable one for you. Wpengine is made with the major objectives of web hosting techniques. It is preferable and adopted by more than 50,000 consumers across the globe.

One of the foremost web hosting tools is godaddy that can enhance the traffic of audience in your e-business. The response time to load a page can be shorten by the impact of data centres. It houses 24/7 hour round the clock security and is able to monitor the faults and supply DDoS protection accordingly.

Alike other available services, hostgator caters the similar amenities indeed, but it is capable of monitoring multiple location at a time and suitable for enormous reliability, performance, flexibility and quality. It is just more than appropriate for linking a communication bridge between dedicated servers and shared hosting. It is ideal for starting with small scale and to grow up very rapidly. With the assistance of this tool, VPS can be customized to meet the demand of any particular hosting need.

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