Best Web Hosting Provider for Personal Websites In 2016

The different types of websites are being used by people all over the world like personal websites, commercial websites, organization sites or government websites. But the personal websites are being popular these days because people can connect to the people with their personal way and they can extend their personal business with the personal websites. The personal websites are a great way of earning for advertisements and other contents.

The people need the web hosting providers for the hosting of their personal websites. It is very important for the people to know that how can they choose the best web hosting provider. There are a lot of options for the people for web hosting services. Many companies are providing the web hosting services for personal websites like Godaddy, Siteground, Bluehost and many more.

Types of web hosting:

Before choosing the best web hosting provider, people should know about the types of web hosting. The web hosting has following types:

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the most popular type of the web hosting. It is popular because of its affordable prices. In shared hosting, you have to give rent for the space that you will share with others. You have to share the memory, bandwidth and servers in shared hosting. There are many limits in shared hosting like less number of resources and less speed of servers.
  • Virtual private server hosting: Virtual private server hosting (VPS) gives more performance to the user because it has less number of websites. VPS hosting also provides the full control over the server to the user. In Motion hosting is a popular VPS hosting website.
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is most stable type of hosting. In this type, user gets the online servers and storage for the storing of data. Cloud hosting provides the access of server data at any time anywhere to the user.
  • Dedicated hosting: the dedicating provides the full control and access to the physics server. Dedicating hosting provides the highest security and customization.
  • Reseller hosting: In this special type of hosting, you can sell the hosting while anyone else maintains the servers. Only advanced users can use this type of hosting. It can be very complicated for the new users.

How to choose the best one:

This is a very difficult task for the new users who want to find the web hosting provider for their new websites. It can be different for the every user because every user has different needs and choices. So before choosing the web hosting provider, you should know your requirements. If you want the web hosting provider that gives you the best service satisfaction then you can choose sites like Site ground. It is the number one web hosting website at the time.

Before choosing the web hosting provider, you have to choose the operating system on which you want to work.

  • Linux: Linux is most popular operating system for the web hosting providers. This operating system can handle the most number of languages and applications. So you can choose the Linux if you want more customization options and want to use more features.
  • Windows: if you are not comfortable with the working on the Linux, you can choose the Windows operating system. Windows is the microsoft’s hosting platform. This server can handle all the Microsoft’s applications, programming frameworks and databases.

After choosing the operating system, you can choose any web hosting provider according to your budget. Website like A2Hosting is providing the web hosting services starting from $3.92 per month. So user can select their desired web hosting provider according to the budget. There are some budgets providers who provide the web hosting services starting from less than $1 and there are also some providers which can charge thousands of dollars for the services.

The support and services are also important for the selection of best hosting providers. Websites like WebhostinghubWeb hosting hub are giving offers like 90 days money back guarantee and discounts on the services. So you can choose according to your needs. You should also know about the services of provider from other clients. You are just not selecting the provider website but you are also making the business relation with them.

Best Web Hosting Provider for Personal Websites In 2016
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Best Web Hosting Provider for Personal Websites In 2016

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