10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners

best wordpress pluginsWordPress is easily one of the most popular content management system (CMS) and blog publishing application there is today, given that millions are already it for their benefits! Being an open source CMS platform, it will not cost you a thing to use it. Therefore, if you’re a blogger or a website owner, you can consider visiting the official website of WordPress for your plugin downloads or free application.

This article best describes the plugins every beginner should aim at having when he/she starts a new blog. Besides the plugins mentioned in this article, there are many others you may come across that serve the similar purpose. However, the plugins mentioned here are fairly basic and should help every beginner.

Here are the top 10 essential WordPress plugins for beginners:

1. Subscribe to Comments

You can use this plugin to allow your readers post their comments and even have them notified when someone else posts their comments. In a way, this is an essential plugin to have as it facilitated discussion and keeps your blog alive.

2. Akismet

WordPress provides you this plugin by default. Its purpose is to prevent spam comments from reaching your blog. To get this plugin activated, you first need to get an APE Key. To get this key, all you need to do is register yourself with Akismet.

3. Google XML Site Map

As the name suggests, this plugin essentially generates an XML Site Map that is pretty useful for indexing your website by major search engines like Ask, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thanks to the Site Map, the search engine spiders find it easier to locate your web pages and crawl. That’s not all; the search engines will be communicated automatically as and when new content gets added to your website.

4. WordPress Database Backup

This is an excellent WordPress plugin to have for your website. What it actually does is take automatic backups of your website’s database at regular intervals. You have the option to take the backup automatically or choose to have the backup emailed to you so you can store it safely somewhere on your web host. So even if something goes wrong, your work will not get lost!

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken links no matter where they appear will do more harm than good to your blog. This why this plugin makes sure to check all the outgoing links from your blog (including pages, posts, images, comments, etc) and verifies whether they’re legitimate or dead and intimates you of the same.

6. All-in-one SEO

Getting your blog noticed by search engines and having it ranked high is undoubtedly your dream as well as others. All-in-one SEO plugin has been created for this reason alone. With this plugin working for you, it is possible for you to add unique keywords, titles, and Meta descriptions to all your blog posts as well as blog pages.

7. Contact Forms

One of the best WordPress plugins available to this day, Contact Forms enables your website users to contact you for free. What is really good about Contact Forms is it is easy to set it up and use.

8. SEO: WP Super Cache

This plugin is useful for enabling your web page to load quickly. What this plugin does is cache your WordPress website instead of your database each time a user checks out your website. This plugin creates a copy of your web page on the server and thereby helps improve the loading speed of your website and reduce the consumption of your resources.

9. WordPress Related Posts

This WordPress plugin that is easy to configure and simple to use automatically generates and reveals posts that are similar to those that are being checked out by website users. So when a reader checks out an article, this plugin helps reveal to them posts that are similar to the ones that are being checked out. This plugin is also beneficial for inserting the related posts to RSS feed.

10. Google Analytics

This plugin is a must have for your WordPress blog as it gives you an insight of the visitors of your website. In fact, this plugin gives you vital statistics and tracking analytics based on which you can develop your blog in the future.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners
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10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners
The list of all-important WordPress Plugins that every beginner needs to check out is here!

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