5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain NameThere’s so much going into choosing your domain name that you cannot take it lightly. Among many things, you need to make sure the domain chosen by you should be easy to spell, descriptive, and memorable. It is only when you choose a right domain name, you can be sure of it serving you well in years to come! There are a few guidelines you need to follow, whether you’re choosing the domain name for your service, product, a blog, or your company. Given below are 5 tips for choosing the perfect domain name that is considered by many as the industry standard:

1. Include related and memorable keywords

Whenever you’re looking for a domain name for your website, make sure you consider certain keywords that relate to what your website is all about. Once you’re through with this step, maybe you can start rearranging the keywords so your customers or website users can remember them without much difficulty. For example, if your website deals with cleaning service, then instead of using your long company name for the domain name, maybe you can consider using words like ‘housework’, ‘cleaner’, ‘chores’, ‘maid’, etc. You can also consider using suitable prefixes if they help. This could include ‘our’, ‘your’, ‘my’, etc. When you start thinking of your domain name using these keywords in mind, it becomes easier to come up with something relevant and memorable.

2. Keep it relevant

It always better for your domain name to be descriptive. This way, when someone hears it for the first time, they’ll have an indication of what your website will contain. Therefore, whenever you come up with the domain name for your website, share it with your colleagues, family, friends, and others and find out what they think. A perfect domain name would be one that is easy to spell and memorize. It should be something that can be told to others easily and can be shared with others via phone instantly.

Yes, it can be quite frustrating doing all the research (like testing out your domain name in various formats with and without capitalization and hyphens). However, the effort you put in at this stage is worth it.

3. Uniqueness

Choosing a domain name that is confusing or that closely resembles the domain name of others is like a car crash waiting to happen! Sometimes, simple things like plurals, misspellings, hyphenations, etc. can easily play spoilsport with your domain name. So, when you select your domain name for your website, just make sure you’ve taken care of these things. Remember, your website users could be lazy in typing in names or remembering them; so there are always chances that they could miss out on smaller details like hyphens and others. This could mean diverting their attention to another website that has a similar domain name as yours and sells similar stuff. Another reason why your domain name has to be unique is to prevent infringement complications that could arise out of trespassing someone else’s copyright!

4. Easy to spell and short

It is beneficial in using short names as they’re not only easier to type but also easy to remember. No doubt, you can use up to 63 characters for registering your domain name. But it is recommended to use short names as much as possible. An ideal domain name would contain a dozen or slightly more characters, excluding possible suffixes. Remember, shorter names also have the advantage of taking up less space when you wish to use it in the print media like business cards or advertisements.

5. Don’t hyphenate and avoid numerals

When you’re registering your domain name you can only use numbers, letters, and dashes. Using symbols and spaces is not allowed. Here again, refrain from using dashes (hyphens) and numbers, unless you’re a nationally recognized brand. For example, if your brand is new and you want to use a domain name like Phones4U, then the whole experience for your customers can be a slow drawn-out one. Just imagine spelling your domain name out over the phone and the confusion it may create! Besides being a time-consuming process revealing all the details to your user, it could easily break the basic rules of having your domain name which is easy to type and remember.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name
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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name
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