InMotion Hosting Review: Pros & Cons of Using

InMotion Hosting ReviewIf there has been one web hosting provider that has been consistent in providing hosting services then it has to be InMotion. With InMotion Hosting, you may pay a bit more for supreme reliability, powerful hardware, and great support, but the product’s value is market-leading. Whether you are looking to build your site using BoldGrid web builder or just looking for SSDs that are SSD-powered, InMotion can do the trick for you.

As compared to other web hosting providers, In Motion provides a wide range of services to you and this includes shared, dedicated, WordPress, and VPS hosting. All in all, InMotion provides an incredible combination of world-class hardware, mass scalability, and always-there support that are critical for getting efficient hosting services.

Some of the best SSD drives are available on InMotion’s shared plans and it is these drives that give an added speed to your site. Also, in the shared hosting space, their reputation and customer service are excellent though you may argue that their price is slightly on the higher side. If getting good site speed for a few dollars more per month doesn’t bother you too much then InMotion Hosting is the provider for you.

During our test, we checked InMotion’s account and servers’ backend and found to be quite impressive. The good thing is that with each plan this provider has on offer, there are free and automated backups available. Now, we felt that this was quite important since data security cannot be compromised at any stage. Also, the downtime site transfers are almost zero which means that you can switch to their services or change plans in a breeze. Finally, InMotion Hosting gives you the choice to choose between multiple data centers that are important for users that like to speed up their sites.

Not a Cheap Provider

While selecting InMotion for your hosting needs, it is important to take into consideration that they provide business-class shared hosting plans that are quite popular with people. Yes, they may be a bit expensive as compared to other ‘cheap’ hosts, but the excellent features you get in return makes up for it.

For those who are in IT, the good news is that InMotion provides SSH access as well as extend support for a variety of technologies including WP-CLI, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and much more. Also given that there is a choice given for picking up data centers and SSD storage, you can be sure of getting speed for your websites. The data security too is guaranteed as all the plans come with regular and automatic data backups. Now this is something that cannot be expected out of ‘cheap’ provider that is flooding the hosting market these days.

Hosting Plans

Whether you are creating professional or personal websites, InMotion Hosting can help you. Among different hosting services provided by InMotion are – Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress. Besides these, InMotion Hosting offers plenty of e-commerce tools.


For those looking for Linux-based shared hosting services, InMotion Hosting is the one-stop solution for all. The most basic of these plans, Launch supports up to six domains and two websites and comes with a price tag of $7.99 per month on annual subscription. Te Power plan can be had for $9.99 per month and it supports up to 26 domains and 6 websites. The Pro plan that can be had for $15.99 per month supports unlimited domains and unlimited websites. All these shared hosting plans also include unlimited storage, monthly data transfers, and e-mails.


InMotion Hosting is backed by free SSD drives and backups to go along with slick management software and excellent VPS hardware. Therefore, it is not surprising to see this provider offering you some of the most attractive VPS plans you’ll get in the market.

Also, given the server cost, InMotion Hosting has an awesome amount of RAM to provide to you. Each of the VPS plans come with free SSD storage that is arranged in RAID 6 that ensures added security and speed.

Also, in addition to featuring license for cPanel, InMotion Hosting’s VPS packages operate on CentOS 6 Linux operating systems. Another interesting and useful feature that comes along with each VPS plan of InMotion is WHM (Web Hosting Management) software that allows you to resell server resources that are unused.


For anyone seeking world-class dedicated hosting services, InMotion provides market-leading hardware, reliable dedicated hosting, and amazingly fast services. From ever-supportive support team to free SSDs, InMotion has got everything covered for both large-scale and small-scale operations, featuring a world-class dedicated host.

The best part of dedicated plans of InMotion is that each plan comes along with SysAdmin time that can vary between two and four hours at the start. This is an excellent feature to have as it gives you time to configure your site according to your needs. Each server of the provider also comes with WHM and cPanel for smoother and easy management.


If you think InMotion is known for its shared hosting plans alone then you are wrong. More recently, they have forayed into WordPress hosting based on reliability and the great support they have built over a period of time providing other kinds of hosting solutions. In paying a small premium, what you end up getting is reliable and super-fast WordPress hosting services.

All WordPress plans of InMotion hosting are built on solid SSD-infrastructure and, therefore, their speeds are fairly good. There is also a choice in data centers, between east and west that customers can make to get better load times. Altogether InMotion hosting has three plans up their sleeve that should easily meet your hosting requirements ad budget. For those looking for e-commerce support, the middle and top plans should suffice. For those looking for unlimited WordPress installations, the top-end plan will work wonders.


A host of security features is offered by InMotion hosting. For accounts that are under 10GB in size, the service provider gives free remote backup services. Furthermore, there’s a free Sucuri Security plugin that’s on offer for all WordPress sites as this will help in scanning for malware and other risks. Users can also purchase McAfee spam and virus protection for as little as $1.39 a month and this can be applied against e-mail accounts.

Site Builders

You need to check out InMotion Hosting if you are looking to build a user-oriented website, like an e-commerce store, a photo gallery, or an active blog. The InMotion team is quite knowledgeable, experienced, and are accustomed to ever-evolving needs of different users – from highly experienced to novice. Their in-house-built platform, BoldGrid takes care of all your website hosting needs and fits in perfectly with your WordPress site.

Ease of Use and Pricing

InMotion has one of the intuitive blogging and CMS software, like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. It is so easy to install these features, thanks to a one-click installation script called Softaculous that can be accessed easily through cPanel.

The business-class hosting services that InMotion hosting provides are excellent and highly suitable for custom applications, database-driven content management systems, and static websites. While you can have the Launch plan for as little as $5.99 a month, the other plans – Power and Pro can be had for $7.99 and $13.99 a month.

Reliability and Support

Irrespective of the hosting plan you wish to have through InMotion, there are five different communication channels to have your queries addressed and these include community-based Q & A, Online Tutorials, E-mail, Live Chat, and 24/7 phone.


1. One of the major strengths of InMotion Hosting is its world-class customer support. In fact, the service provider boasts of US-based tech support across different communication modes including ticket system, e-mail, chat, and phone. The support features you get are consistent across all these channels and are directed towards solving your problem easily and quickly.

2. The purpose of selecting a hosting service is to store your website securely on a server and provide it to you whenever there is a need as quickly as possible. InMotion Hosting does an excellent job in getting this job done for you. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, your site’s performance is guaranteed by InMotion Hosting.

3. The purpose of having a control panel upon logging into your account is to make different management features available to you quickly and in a hassle free way. InMotion has one of the best control panels you can get in the industry. While the provider does its best to provide you a host of features, it also makes sure you can access them quickly and easily at one place!

4. For shared hosting providers, providing frequent and hassle-free data backups us a big thing. There are chances that you may accidentally hit the ‘delete’ button or servers may be down. This is where InMotion’s reliable, automatic and frequent data backup features can come to your rescue.

5. InMotion Hosting provides a 90-day money-back guarantee against all its services. While the industry standard is a 30-day guarantee, with InMotion Hosting you are sure to get a bit extra. Besides this, you’ll also get a lot of freebies including Google Apps Integration, Free Site Transfers, Google Ads, etc.


1. Though InMotion Hosting plans are quite affordable, some of them do not pack in as many features as you would have liked, especially the lower end ones. Yes, if you are just starting out and are not looking for high-end features for your hosting requirements, then these plans may suffice. But if you are a demanding customer, these plans may well fall short of your expectations.

2. The price structure of InMotion Hosting plans needs an overhaul as customers are required to sign up for an entire years service currently. Yes, there is a money-back guarantee in place but if you are not sure how long your project is going to last then the plans offered by the provider may prove costly.

3. There is a limit to the number of databases and websites you can run on your account. The trouble, however, does not arise o resource usage but on the number of items that will be supported.


You can’t go wrong in selecting InMotion hosting as your service provider if you are primarily looking for performance-focused resources and reliable support. What is really incredible with their network features is that they come along with top-of-the-line hardware, green data centers, and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. If you are an account holder of this service then you can easily expect protection through SSH and SSDs and high-tier performance. Yes, there are other service providers that can provide you all these, but InMotion does it the best.

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