Best Most Secure Web Hosting Services in 2016

Businesses, large or small, need a website to keep their interests alive. It is as good as leaving opportunities on the table for companies that do not have a web presence these days! It is only those websites that have an attractive web design and content that can attract clients. When you have clients visiting websites, it can easily translate into big money. However, companies need to understand that merely having a proper design and content is not enough these days as you need to make sure it is secured. Just imagine if you have a website that is excellent in every aspect but is not secured properly. Can you guarantee safe transactions through your website or are the details provided by your clients safe?

Most Secure Web Hosting ServicesNow that you have realized the importance of having a website of your own and searching for the right provider, you’ll realize that there are plenty of options available for you. However, a lot of web hosting offers that you come across will vary a lot in their pricing. The reason behind these variations is due to the level of security they have to provide to you. While some of the service providers will rely onoutdated servers and hardly maintain them, others have a reliable server and constantly invest in having them updated and relevant to your website.

Whilst you’re looking for a web host that can provide you great value for money, besides the assured security features, there are a few tips you’ll do well to remember. First up, you need to read the reviews of the web host service provider you’ve zeroed on. Forums are usually the best places to get in-depth details of these providers. Another tip is to look into the Clients per Server numbers. Remember, most companies claim some numbers but end up providing less to clients. Also, less the number of Clients per Server, the better it is for your website. Security is one thing you cannot compromise for your website. It is only when your website is fully secure, you can be sure of its efficiency and staying healthy.

To make it easier for you, we have listed here a few web hosting companies that provide the best-in-class security features for your website. Our efforts have been in providing you find web hosts that provide all the features your website needs in the present and future, is experienced enough to handle all your queries, and above all, guarantees security to your website at all times and under all conditions.

1. InMotion Hosting

Having been around since 2001, InMotion Hosting is one of the largest web hosting companies you’ll find in the world today. Businesses are sure to find the services of InMotion in accordance with their requirements, as the provider has projected itself as a brand for ‘nerds’.

Before we get into the pros of InMotion hosting, it is important to understand that there is no such thing a perfect web hosting company. Choosing or not choosing a web host has to be based on your preferences and goals. However, I’ve come across 3 pros with InMotion hosting that I’m sure you’ll identify with as well.

  • Customer service

As you would expect with any top-notch web hosting provider, InMotion hosting provides quick and reliable customer services. In fact, this provider places these services front and center of all their marketing efforts. Their tech support is based in the US and is available to you via ticket system, e-mail, chat, and phone.

  • Hosting performance

The hosting performance of InMotion hosting is what you would be interested in looking at as that would determine how your website will perform in the online world. Remember, the job of the web hosting company is to store the pages of your website securely on its server and then serve them to every visitor in need of it. With InMotion, thankfully, you’re sure to get a decent hosting performance.

  • Excellent data backups

Backing up your website data is extremely important, especially if you opt for shared hosting. While most hosting companies do provide these services, but they invariably come at a price. However, InMotion Hosting not only provides these services, but they give it for free!

2. SiteGround

With over 10 years of experience in web hosting, SiteGround is clearly a provider you need to be looking at for your hosting needs. This veteran hosting provider has been widely accepted and known for pushing technological boundaries and providing customers with the kind of hosting services others will find really hard to match. Therefore, if you have been looking for a hosting provider that can provide you secure, reliable, and fast servers for hosting your websites, SiteGround can be an ideal choice for you!

SiteGround has brought in a lot of positive changes in its services and has come out with a host of premium features like Toolkits for Joomla and WordPress, Developer features, and SuperCacher. The WordPress and Joomla tool kits that come along with SiteGround are essential for automating simple tasks like fixing file permission issues, admin passwords, deleting installation, changing the domain address, and others. The SuperCacher feature will make your Joomla or WordPress website faster than before. The interesting developer features brought in by SiteGround recently include Git integration and Drush integration, WP-CLI, and website staging.

You also need to look into your web host’s customer support features to make sure you have help on hand whenever there is a need for it. Thankfully, with SiteGround, you do not have to worry about it much. This is because the customer support staff of the service provider is quick and efficient. No matter your query, expect it to be resolved within a matter of minutes. That’s not all; their staff has excellent knowledge and experience in handling technical matters pertaining to Joomla, Magenta, and WordPress.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost has made a name for itself as one of the prominent web hosts. The fact that it is endorsed by none other than WordPress itself has enabled to take rapid strides in the world of web hosting. Today, Bluehost is well-known for providing supercharged dedicated and VPS servers as well as WordPress hosting. The group of extremely passionate, talented and experienced staff that runs Bluehost is what enables it to provide the kind of services it does.

If you want more reasons to be associated with Bluehost then you need to go through the details given below:

  • WordPress Hosting

WordPress is clearly one of the most popular blog services you’ll find today as they offer unmatched content management and software. Having been recommended directly by WordPress, Bluehost allows you to install its software easily and use it whenever required.

  • Unlimited domains

The fact that Bluehost gives you unlimited domains means you can have as many accounts as you want. Also, despite having separate files for different domains, it will not cost you a bit.

  • Open source hosting

A number of websites have been using open source software for getting adequate support. When you select Bluehost as your service provider, this is exactly what you can expect to get for your website. Thanks to this hosting pattern, you’re sure to receive a myriad of products with just a few clicks.

4. A2 Hosting

If you’re looking for one web hosting provider that can provide you with lots of hosting options then look no further than A2 Hosting. With this service provider, you can choose between three web hosting plans – Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Therefore, depending on your hosting requirements and budget, you can select a plan. Also, while the most basic of these plans start as low as $3.92 a month, the Turbo plan, easily the most expensive one will cost you $9.31 a month.

What is really good about A2 Hosting is that irrespective of the hosting plan you select, it is easy to integrate with WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Also, with most web hosting providers, security is a major issue. However, that will not be an issue for you with A2 Hosting as you get an extra security layer in the form of Patchman – a security tool that is provided to you free of cost when you choose the provider’s shared hosting plan. What is really special about Patchman security tool is that it helps detect auto-patches security issues in Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. That’s not all; it also quarantines infected files and identifies out-of-date software. All this can help your website from getting hacked.

Best Most Secure Web Hosting Services in 2016
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Best Most Secure Web Hosting Services in 2016
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