Best Web Hosting Money Back Guarantees In 2017

Web Hosting Money Back GuaranteesAre you aware that almost all web hosting companies offer the money back guarantee against the services they provide to customers? If you’re not aware, then make sure you get it right as it will mean getting value for money.

No doubt, it is a dream for every web hosting company to provide the perfect hosting services to its customers and it is also a dream for website owners to get excellent and reliable hosting services from their hosts. However, it is equally important to note that there is an interesting feature like money back guarantees that exist behind every hosting package you come across from the web hosts. Remember, it is these guarantees that remind a website owner of the trust and belief the web hosting provider has on its own hosting services and infrastructure and therefore, a good indicator of how good it really is.

On an average, most web hosting companies provide a 60-day money back guarantee on most of their services. However, this may not be so in the web hosting plan you may have chosen. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand about the money back guarantees your chosen web host has lined up for you. You would certainly not want to end up getting up in no man’s land after finding the services not up to the standards.

When a money back guarantee is in place, it automatically puts the customer in the top position. In a way, it indicates how serious the hosting company is in serving its customers. To look at it from another point of view, it also provides the company a sort of motivation to keep providing its customers top-notch hosting services and try to improve all the time. This sort of motivation is what will drive the hosting company in the right direction going forward. You’ll be glad to know that a few hosting companies even provide anytime money back guarantee to its customers. Though the number of such companies is limited, for the time being, it is expected that others will pick up the cue in the coming years!


Given below are some of the best web hosting companies that provide attractive money back guarantees to its customers:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most experienced and well-received web hosts in the market today. With millions of customers already trying their luck with Bluehost, you can confidently say they’re among the best in the business. And given that they have an attractive and assured money back guarantee in place; it is only apt that you give them a try at some point in time or other.

Customers interested in availing Bluehost’s hosting services need to keep an eye on their promotional offers as they’re for a limited period only and could change at short notice. The company takes pride in providing world-class hosting services to its customers and considers their satisfaction as their top priority. In the event of dissatisfaction with any of Bluehost’s services, customers can report the matter to the provider and claim money back guarantee.

In case the customer decides to cancel the Bluehost’s hosting services before 30 days, then he/she is entitled to receive the full amount. However, for any such claim that happens after 30 days, the customer will only get a partial refund that will largely depend on the type of hosting service chosen. The regular money back guarantee, however, doesn’t apply for add-on services. For example, if you’ve registered your domain with Bluehost then a part of the fee (also called as domain fee) will be non-refundable.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has spent a considerable number of years I building a reputation that it has today. Their core objective is to meet your expectations and for that they rely on their award-winning customer staff and reliable network. InMotion Hosting also has one of the industry’s best money back guarantee policies which truly assure you of quality services at all times and under all conditions. True to what they say, InMotion Hosting loves its customers to the core!

InMotion Hosting stands behind their services and products at all times. The service provider guarantees professional hosting service along with reliable and efficient customer support services – or they shall refund your amount in entirety. One of the industry’s best money back guarantee ensures you enjoy hosting services risk-free and that you have peace of mind at all times.

All hosting plans of 6 months or longer, including Reseller, VPS, and Business are covered under InMotion Hosting’s 90-day money guarantee. However, the Reseller, VPS hosting plans, and dedicated servers that are billed monthly are eligible for claiming the entire amount, provided the request is made within 30 days from the date of subscription.

3. Webhosting Hub

While Webhosting Hub takes a lot of pride in providing world-class hosting services to its customers, it also has the reliable and assured money back guarantee policy in place just in case you’re satisfied with their services or have any other reason. Webhosting Hub will refund the full amount in case you decide to cancel their services within 90 days of using their hosting plans.

To claim your amount upon canceling your hosting subscription with Webhosting Hub, you need to contact the support staff of the provider that is based in the US and is available to you 24/7. Just make sure to discuss your problems with them. In most cases, they’ll be able to solve your hosting problem to your satisfaction and cancel your request for terminating the services. But if that fails, you’ll be refunded the entire amount instantly.

4. A2 Hosting

It is absolutely risk-free to try out A2 Hosting. This is because the service provider has one of the best and assuring money back guarantee in place for all its customers. If you’re not comfortable with their hosting services or have other valid reasons, then A2 Hosting will surely give you an entire refund with is absolutely hassle-free. However, to claim your refund, you need to terminate the services within 30 days. For any refund claim that is made after 30 days, the customer will be eligible to get a prorated refund, depending upon the hosting plan he/she had chosen initially.

However, you need to understand that A2 Hosting will not refund migration fees, setup fees, and domain registrations costs. The good news is that SSL registration costs are refundable and for this, the window period is 7 days from the time of purchase.

5. SiteGround

For all shared hosting plans, SiteGround has a 30-day money back guarantee. It is this assure provided by SiteGround that gives customers peace of mind that in case the hosting services provided by the company fails to meet their expectations, there is always room to claim your amount back. All the refund processes initiated by the customers of SiteGround will be processed in accordance with the TOS established by the company.

The following conditions may apply when you contact SiteGround with your refund requests:

  • The ‘User Area’ has to be used for posting any service termination requests.
  • Money back guarantee will not cover renewal orders.
  • An initial window period of 30 days is provided for initial hosting services orders. This period will start from the time your services get activated.
  • Money back guarantee will not cover Third Party Services, Paid Support, and Dedicated and Cloud Hosting Services.
  • You’ll not be refunded for Domain Privacy fees or Domain name.

6. DreamHost

You’ll not be refunded for canceling all the hosting services with DreamHost. For example, you’ll be refunded the entire amount upon canceling your shared hosting plan, if the cancellation is made within 97 days from the time of activation. The refund amount will be made to the credit card that was used for making the payment towards the hosting fees. However, for this, you need to initiate the cancellation process with DreamHost.

Customers need to realize that DreamHost makes the refund only for shared hosting plans and not for VPS or dedicated plans. Also, automatic refunding will not take place if you had initially paid for hosting services through PayPal, Gift Certificates, Money Orders, or Check. In case you’ve used one of these methods to do your payment for DreamHost services then you need to get in touch with the customer support. For this, you need to visit the ‘Support’ section under ‘Panel’. The friendly support staff shall guide you further.

Best Web Hosting Money Back Guarantees In 2016
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Best Web Hosting Money Back Guarantees In 2016
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